Chair Repair

Mag. Maria Preschern-Hauptmann | 1170 Vienna, Zeillergasse 6/3a | | Phone: (+43) 01 480 35 40

(TRADITIONAL UPHOLSTERY) The items are being reworked according to their time of creation, with great consideration and true to original.

In doing so natural materials are being preferred over foam rubber and also mainly traditional methods are used - always in cooperation with the customer.

(LASTING VALUE) Valuable period chairs are being reworked true to the original - using traditional methods and original materials - to lastingly conserve their value.


Old Chairs in a New Outfit

(UNIQUENESS) To renovate old chairs instead of throwing them away is often worth one's while as some unique, individual and specially customised seating furniture is created for the owner.

(INDIVIDUALITY) By reworking the upholstery personal preferences (hard or soft seating), allergies, intolerances and individual lifestyle can be considered and incorporated.

(INSPIRATION) Character, personality and taste of the customer provide the 'certain something' for a perfect result.